TriNet Launches Partner Program

Burton Goldfield brings more than 25 years of executive experience to his role as president and CEO of TriNet, a human resources outsourcing firm offering a wide array of services to small and mid-sized businesses. Under the leadership of Burton Goldfield, TriNet provides both software and cloud-based human resources solutions to 8,000 clients. Recently, Mr. Goldfield’s firm launched TriNetConnect, a structured program providing support for TriNet’s channel partners.

Through TriNetConnect, TriNet’s insurance brokers and other strategic partners have access to training, support, and marketing services. The program also includes an expansive collection of educational resources on effective human resources solutions. In addition, TriNetConnect includes an incentive program to further encourage success. Partner firms can choose from three tiers of engagement, each offering a different level of commitment. Each successive tier grants firms larger rewards based on business performance and achieved goals.

The launch of TriNetConnect paved the way for the introduction of TriNet’s Partner Advisory Board (PAB). Consisting of 12 executives from several partner industries, the board provides a wealth of knowledge on the company’s suite of human resources solutions.