The National Parks Conservation Association Preserves Our History

President and CEO of TriNet Group, Inc., Burton Goldfield has over 25 years of experience in leadership roles and is known for his innovation and ability to grow business. Outside of his professional life, Burton Goldfield is involved in the National Parks Conservation Association in the San Francisco Bay area as a member of its Pacific Region Advisory Council.

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is an organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing national parks across the United States. For more than 90 years the NPCA has been educating decision makers and the public about the importance of conservation, convincing Congress to support park preservation legislation, and evaluating the health of parks and park management. Established in 1919 to be a voice for the parks outside of the political system, the NPCA today has over 800,000 members and 24 offices around the country.

In December 2013 the NPCA partnered with the Civil War Trust to preserve 3.89 acres of land at the gateway to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, land that had played a significant role in the Civil War battle of Harpers Ferry. With talk about using the land for a gas station or mini-mart, the purchase of the land, financed by federal funds and donations, came just in time. With 250,000 visitors each year, Harpers Ferry and the land surrounding it is rich in history and plays a part in the story of the Civil War and the battle for rights for all Americans.