The Benefits Of Quality HR Representation

Burton Goldfield earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Syracuse University in addition to a master’s in business administration from Villanova University. He was chosen by the San Francisco Business times in 2010 as the Most Admired CEO for his work with the TriNet human resources outsourcing provider. Under the leadership of Burton Goldfield, TriNet saw annual revenue exceed $250 million in 2012, a number that has more than tripled during his time with the company.

The benefits of a quality human resources department or outside HR representation should never be underestimated. Since its earliest days as an ambition tech startup, Google has prided itself on being “the happiest place to work,” based largely on a comprehensive and highly investigative HR department. The company is now enjoying a revenue stream valued at more than $50 billion year.

To be successful and retain talent, HR departments should prioritize making on-time payments. If the employees receive their paycheck in a timely manner, they will have no reason to ever interact with HR. HR representatives should also go out of their way to ensure employees feel like they are being treated fairly at all times. Above all, the goal of a quality HR team is to protect civil and human rights. Workers should never fear for their safety or feel discriminated against in the workplace. If the HR department can handle these responsibilities, executives should enjoy a happy and productive office.