About Burton Goldfield

Burton Goldfield 2A versatile executive and entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience at firms in the technology sector, Burton M. Goldfield serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of TriNet in the San Francisco Bay Area. After earning a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Syracuse University, Mr. Goldfield joined the team at CGS Scientific, where he spent the next nine years. Leaving CGS as Executive Vice President, Mr. Goldfield subsequently worked as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Computer Command and Control Company for a brief period. In 1989, Mr. Goldfield gained an M.B.A. in Finance from Villanova University and entered into a lengthy professional relationship with Rational Software, rising from District Manager, Northeast Operations to Senior Vice President of the Americas. Following the sale of Rational Software to IBM in 2002, Mr. Goldfield remained with IBM as Vice President of Worldwide Sales, with oversight for $750 million in revenues.

From IBM, Mr. Goldfield weaved through successful terms as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations for Hyperion Solutions and CEO of Ketera Technologies before assuming his current role at TriNet in 2008. Mr. Goldfield has helped the company grow into its position as the largest private PEO in the United States, owing in part to his commitment to offering high-quality products, multiple acquisitions, and an enhanced service model to the technology industry. His organization is serving over 5,000 companies today. In addition, TriNet has enjoyed substantially increased income under Mr. Goldfield’s tenure as CEO, with nearly $200 million in revenues by the end of 2011.

Highly regarded for his managerial expertise as well, Burton Goldfield frequently contributes articles on leadership, human resources, and the economy to the websites of such publications as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. To read more about Mr. Goldfield and his work at TriNet, please visit the official company website at www.trinet.com.


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