Burton Goldfield Discusses TriNet Group, Inc.

A strategic human resources business partner and the country’s biggest professional employer organization (PEO), TriNet Group, Inc., offers outsourcing solutions to numerous firms. Headed by President and CEO Burton Goldfield and catering to small and mid-sized businesses, TriNet Group assists with human capital, payroll, and strategy. Moreover, its specialists understand the nuances of various industry sectors, including banking and financial services, health care, technology, nonprofits, and venture capital.

Outsourcing human resources to the TriNet Group provides numerous benefits to companies. It saves them money and time by eliminating the hassle of payroll and associated tax administration. TriNet Group’s specialization in these areas helps companies comply with constantly changing human resources rules, while focusing on their core mission areas.

To find out more about the TriNet Group’s services and to book a free initial consultation, log on to http://www.trinet.com.

About the Author:

As president and chief executive officer of TriNet Group, Burton Goldfield oversees the human resources outsourcing firm. The recipient of a Master of Business Administration from Villanova University, Goldfield introduced 22 new products and services to the company, doubled its revenue, and acquired its larger competitor during his first three years as its head. In 2010, the San Francisco Business Times named Burton Goldfield its Most Admired CEO for his accomplishments at the TriNet Group.


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